Other Options for Contaminated Land Remediation

Gasholder base with contaminated waterContaminated land and groundwater issues are frequently complex and often there is no single solution or technology that is able to address every aspect of the problem. Telluric Land Remediation has a wide experience and understanding of environmental processes and we may propose a combination of treatments on these complex sites.

Under certain circumstances, for example if off-site removal is requested or if on-site treatment is not likely to be cost effective, we will organise and project manage excavation and transport to a soil treatment hub site or disposal to landfill. These projects will also involve careful planning and development of working protocols. All site works strictly comply with Health & Safety guidelines and other regulatory requirements.

Proven experience

We are one of the most experienced contaminated land remediation contractors in the UK and provide a range of proven remediation methods, which we adapt and optimise for your individual requirements, so you get a solution specifically designed for your site.


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