Physical Treatments

Automatically operated SVE equipmentPhysical treatment processes do not destroy contaminants, but physically remove or concentrate contaminants for further processing or disposal.  These processes can range from soil excavation, with physical segregation of contamination, to in-situ treatments such as soil vapour extraction and dual phase extraction.  Physical treatments for groundwater include air sparging, pump & treat and free product recovery.

Recovered contamination in the gaseous or aqueous phases may typically be collected by activated carbon adsorption, which is then transported to a suitably licensed off-site disposal facility.

Proven experience

Telluric Land Remediation provides a range of physical remediation methods which we will adapt to suit your specific site, timescales and budget. We are one of the most experienced remediation contractors in the UK, and employ engineers and scientists with extensive practical expertise in soil and groundwater remediation, ensuring you achieve a clean site cost effectively.


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