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Specialists in contaminated soil and groundwater remediation

Telluric Land Remediation is a contaminated land remediation contractor specialising in the remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater. With over 25 years' experience in contaminated land contracting we have completed a large number of remediation projects throughout the UK. Our aim is solve your soil and groundwater contamination issues. 

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We are one of the most experienced contaminated land remediation contractors in the UK.

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We provide a range of contaminated soil treatments including bioremediation and chemical oxidation.

telluric bullet  Groundwater remediation

We specialise in biological, chemical and physical techniques for treatment of contaminated groundwater.

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We offer advice and options on how to make your contaminated site ‘suitable for use’, whether for commercial or housing.

 We're always happy to speak to you about any issues you may have. Just pick up the phone! 

Tel: 029 2045 3311

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