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Creosote recovery on a commercial site in Cheshire

Client: Developer
Location: Cheshire
Conract period: 8 months

At this 10 hectare former timber treatment yard and railway siding, the groundwater in two separate locations was found to be severely impacted with creosote as a result of former activities undertaken at the site. Specialist contaminated land contractor Telluric Land Remediation was appointed to remediate the groundwater whilst an earthwork contractor prepared the subsurface for its proposed use as a development site.

A pilot trial was undertaken to establish the suitability of the proposed system for free phase (DNAPL) creosote recovery and effectiveness of dissolved phase treatment by chemical oxidation. Information gained from the pilot trial was used to optimise the process for full scale works. A technical report on the findings of the pilot trial was prepared and submitted to the Regulators for their approval.

Significant quantities of free phase creosote were identified in both of the affected areas and these locations were initially targeted for the removal of product by pumping, from dedicated abstraction points. Recovered creosote and grossly contaminated groundwater were pumped to a treatment plant, with separated creosote being sent off site for recycling. The final volume of creosote recovered from the site amounted to 57,300 litres. Dissolved phase hydrocarbons remaining in the ground were treated using in-situ chemical oxidation (modified Fenton’s reagent). Following treatment there was an overall reduction in hydrocarbon concentrations of greater than 99%. Following the remediation works and submission of a compliant validation report to the Regulators the site is now ready for the next phase of its development.

telluric bullet Our solution

  • Development of appropriate remediation strategy
  • Undertake process optimisation trial
  • Installation of 140 treatment wells
  • Additional site investigation works
  • Creosote abstraction and disposal
  • Chemical treatment of petroleum hydrocarbon plume by modified Fenton’s reagent
  • Progress monitoring and reporting
  • Compilation of validation report

Our strategy provided a rapid and cost effective solution allowing the commercial development to commence without delay.

A pdf version of this development site remediation can be downloaded here.