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In-situ anaerobic bioremediation of trichloroethene in Derbyshire

Client: Manufacturer
Location: Derby
Contract period: 12 months

Bioremediation contractors Telluric Land Remediation proposed in-situ anaerobic bioremediation to address subsurface solvent contamination, principally trichloroethene (TCE), on this large and busy manufacturing site.  This was achieved by injection of a hydrogen release substrate which provided the conditions required for reductive dehalogenation of TCE and associated contaminants.

The remediation product, based on emulsified vegetable oil, was introduced into the ground using injection rods installed by small tracked, direct push, drilling rigs.  A mixing and injection unit was then connected to the rods and remediation product injected into the ground. 

Three areas of the site were treated, including two source areas of high level contamination. The third treatment zone was designed to prevent off-site migration of dissolved contamination in the groundwater.  This was achieved by the creation of a 140m long permeable reactive barrier along the southern site boundary. Further information on treatment configurations can be found by following the link.

Following the product injection works, the treatment areas were monitored and sampled to assess the progress of remediation.  Parameters monitored include soil gas concentrations, groundwater level, VOC concentrations, conductivity, oxidation-reduction potential, dissolved oxygen and pH.  Groundwater samples were recovered for analysis by an independent accredited laboratory.

telluric bullet Our solution

  • Design of remediation system
  • Coring of 135 injection locations in concrete and tarmac hardstanding
  • In-situ treatment of trichloroethene (TCE) contamination in soil and groundwater by use of hydrogen release bioremediation product
  • Injection of 160,000 litres of remediation product
  • Installation of groundwater monitoring boreholes
  • Quarterly groundwater sampling and monitoring
  • Reinstatement of injection boreholes
  • Compilation of validation report

A very cost effective solution was provided which allowed the manufacturing facility to continue its activities without interruption.

A pdf version of this in-situ bioremediation case study can be downloaded here.