Telluric slider Oil Spill Emergency Response

Containment and remediation of an oil spill in Dorset

Client: Loss adjuster
Location: Dorset
Contract Period: 10 months

This site of a national logistics carrier suffered fuel contamination following a leak on an adjacent site which affected a 150m strip of land, extending beneath occupied properties and entering a local watercourse.

In conjunction with the Environment Agency, specialist contaminated land contractor Telluric Land Remediation instigated emergency response measures to prevent further contamination of the watercourse. Following this initial phase of work, a dual phase extraction system was installed to remove free product (LNAPL) and grossly contaminated groundwater.  This involved the installation of a grid of boreholes across the affected area which were then connected to containerised remediation equipment.

The system controlled and removed volatile gas emissions from within the unsaturated zone while air sparging was used to address dissolved phase hydrocarbons present within the groundwater.  Off-gas vapours released into the unsaturated zone were collected on granular activated carbon. Hydrocarbon concentrations in groundwater were reduced by 99.8% and met the remediation targets after a treatment period of 10 months.

telluric bullet Our solution

  • Emergency response to contain the oil spillage
  • Design of groundwater remediation system
  • Negotiating and obtaining all necessary statutory abstraction and discharge licenses / consents
  • Installation of dual phase and air sparging boreholes
  • Installation of groundwater treatment system
  • Analysis and monitoring of pollutant removal from soil and groundwater
  • Validation and reporting

Discreet remediation equipment was installed to the rear of the properties and allowed the businesses to operate unhindered.

A pdf version of this oil spill emergency response case study is available here.