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Interception, pumping and treatment of landfill leachate in Hampshire

Client: Environmental consultant
Location: Hampshire
Contract Period: Ongoing

Break out of leachate from a closed landfill site required the interception and collection of liquids emanating from a number of locations along the perimeter of the landfill. Collected leachate was pumped to a biological treatment system located on the former landfill principally to remove ammonium, petroleum hydrocarbons, volatile fatty acids, iron and suspended solids. The treatment plant operates automatically via a contractor designed control system complete with telemetry.

Standard civil engineering earthmoving plant (360° excavators, dump trucks, etc.) were utilised in the construction of works while the 10m diameter demountable treatment tanks were shipped to site, by standard delivery, and built in-situ to avoid transport difficulties.

telluric bullet Our solution

  • Installation of interceptor pits and pumps
  • Installation of delivery and return pipework
  • Construction and activation of biological treatment tanks
  • Installation and commissioning of automated control system with telemetry
  • Leachate sampling and monitoring
  • Leachate pumping tests
  • Reinstatement of site capping layers

Discharge of treated effluent meets the requirements of the site’s operating discharge consent.  The treatment system is extremely cost effective compared to alternative treatment technologies and is readily expandable should this be required in the future.

A pdf version of this landfill leachate treatment case study is available here.