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Air sparging and bioventing for development site remediation in Middlesex

Client: Housing developer
Location: Brentford
Contract period: 20 weeks

Following site investigations undertaken by an environmental consultant, specialist contaminated land contractor Telluric Land Remediation was commissioned to design and install a remediation system to address soil and groundwater contamination.

The site was purchased by a national housing developer with the aim of building numerous houses and apartments. However, formerly a manufacturing site, soil and groundwater were extensively contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons as a result of numerous historical spillages. Contamination was generally confined to the shallow made ground but extended to depths of up to 5m in places and had impacted the groundwater.

An in-situ bioventing and air sparging system was installed to treat the affected soils and groundwater. Monitoring, sampling and system checks were undertaken fortnightly to ensure optimisation of the biological treatment process.

telluric bullet Our solution

  • Negotiations with Environment Agency and Local Authority
  • Design and installation of in-situ bioremediation system
  • Monitoring and process optimisation
  • Soil and groundwater monitoring and sampling
  • Validation and reporting

The remediation targets were achieved within budget and to the satisfaction of the regulatory authorities within the proposed 20 week treatment period. The site was subsequently developed for residential housing.

A pdf version of this in-situ remediation case study is available here.