Telluric slider Domestic Heating Oil Remediation

Remediation of a domestic heating oil spill in Devon by free product recovery and bioremediation

Client: Loss adjuster
Location: Exeter
Contract period: 20 weeks

Specialist remediation contractor Telluric Land Remediation was called in following the failure of a domestic oil storage tank where approximately 1,350 litres of heating oil were lost. The spillage resulted in the presence of strong hydrocarbon odours within the property and significant impact to surrounding soil and groundwater.

A discreet vapour extraction unit was installed adjacent to the property to provide a forced ventilation system to reduce odours to a concentration enabling the premises to remain occupied throughout the remediation works.

An oil recovery system comprising of pneumatically operated pumps, an oil water separator and carbon adsorption units, continually skimmed and recovered lost product, while shallow soils affected by the oil contamination were treated by in-situ bioremediation techniques.

telluric bullet Our solution

  • Remediation option appraisal
  • Design and installation of treatment systems
  • Negotiating and obtaining all statutory licenses and consents
  • In-situ bioremediation of hydrocarbon contaminated soils
  • Free product recovery and groundwater dissolved phase treatment
  • Off site disposal of recovered heating oil
  • Site reinstatement

The remediation plant used in domestic spillages is designed to be physically unobtrusive with low noise emissions and will operate from a domestic 13 amp power supply. The remediation works have been independently validated to the satisfaction of the Environment Agency.

A pdf version of this in-situ bioremediation and groundwater treatment case study is available here.