Remediation of Devon housing development site completed

Chemical oxidation 300 x 225px

Telluric Land Remediation were called in to carry out in-situ treatment of deep hydrocarbon contamination in order to discharge planning conditions on this medium sized housing development.

A historical spillage of heating oil resulted in significant contamination of subsurface soils. Previous remediation by others involved excavation of contaminated soils to a depth of about 7m and treatment above ground by bioremediation. However it was not practical to dig any deeper and oil hydrocarbons were found to be still present to depths of up to 18m.

Our solution was to use in-situ chemical oxidation to address the remaining deep contamination without the need for any soil excavation. Chemical oxidant was injected to depths of up to 20m below ground level and the site was validated to the requirements of the Regulators after 8 weeks.

May 2021