Environmental exposure to toxins is problematic for many people – those affected, their friends and family, the local government, but also businesses and enterprises.

The UK international Underwriting Association have released a report that focuses on some of the threats that Environmental exposures may pose to commerce.

The best that companies found to be polluting and contaminating land can hope for is a soiled reputation, however it is likely there will be fines & lawsuits which may affect finances or result in closure of the business.

Given the risks and the highlights of the IUA report, business will need to think of new ways of reducing this risk, and of showing they are remediating affected land in an environmentally friendly and cost effective way.

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June 2013

105Telluric Land Remediation has launched a new in-situ bioremediation product designed specifically for use with soil and groundwater contaminated with chlorinated solvents and certain other contaminants including pesticides, nitroaromatics and oxidised heavy metals. Based on emulsified vegetable oil technology, DCL Biosolv also contains other unique key ingredients and because it uses food grade components it provides a more sustainable and environmentally friendly solution at a cost effective price. 

June 2013