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What is DCL Biosolv?

DCL Biosolv is a product developed by Telluric Land Remediation as an environmentally friendly and cost effective solution for the treatment of chlorinated solvents such as tetrachloroethene and trichloroethene. It is a liquid formulation which is firstly diluted with water and then injected into the ground.

telluric bullet  DCL Biosolv - overview

DCL Biosolv is an easy to use, patented, in-situ bioremediation product principally developed to treat soil and groundwater contaminated with chlorinated solvents and certain other contaminants such as pesticides, nitroaromatics and oxidised heavy metals. Safe, non-toxic and easy to handle it is supplied as a concentrated liquid ready for dilution before use.

telluric bullet  Advantages of DCL Biosolv

The use of DCL Biosolv has a number of advantages over alternative remediation methods and will ensure you:

Reduce site disruption – DCL Biosolv enables you to perform a simple in-situ process that keeps disruption to a minimum, saving you time and unnecessary expense.

Save money – DCL Biosolv doesn’t need extensive, costly above ground equipment; it’s an energy efficient, cost effective solution.

Are assured of scientifically proven solutions – a trusted technology for bioremediating chlorinated contamination, ensuring the right results every time.

Provide a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution – naturally biodegradable components ensure sustainability of the environment and prevent further contamination.

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Derby Manufacturing site Portsmouth Utilities company Godalming Com Dev Telford Manufacturing site Fareham Chemical site

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