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Bioremediation product - DCL Biosolv

DCL Biosolv is a sustainable, anaerobic, bioremediation product for use particularly on sites contaminated with chlorinated solvents, such as tetrachloroethene and trichloroethene, and some other contaminants including pesticides and nitroaromatics.

Over three years in development, DCL Biosolv was launched in June 2013 following an extensive research and development project, part funded by the Welsh Government’s Single Investment Fund and the Convergence European Regional Development Fund. The result is an easy to handle, patented, product that is highly effective at treating chlorinated solvent contamination to very low residual levels.

DCL Biosolv is supplied as a concentrated liquid formulation which is then diluted with water prior to use and injected into the contaminated area.  The solution uses natural processes to stimulate naturally occurring bacteria and results in complete degradation of contaminants into non-toxic end products. 

For a technical summary download our Overview of DCL Biosolv information sheet.

telluric bullet  DCL Biosolv key benefits:

  • Provides significant cost savings compared to alternative remediation technologies
  • Contaminants are degraded to non-toxic end products
  • Easy to use – packed in concentrated form, just dilute with water and add an activator
  • Energy efficient and sustainable – low site disruption, after injection there is no equipment required and no power consumption
  • Used in-situ and no waste products for disposal
  • Rapidly starts the remediation process once diluted and injected into the ground
  • Slow release components are long acting, a single injection may be effective over several years
  • Contains all the nutrients required for complete dechlorination including major nutrients, trace elements and vitamins.
  • Buffered to resist pH changes
  • No toxic or hazardous materials used, safe to handle
  • Simple site storage requirements; no microbial spoilage at ambient temperatures
  • No chemical stabilisers allowing for easier regulatory approval
  • Long shelf life under ambient conditions

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