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Where can DCL Biosolv be used?

DCL Biosolv offers the ideal solution to the widespread problem of solvent contamination. It can be applied as an integral part of Telluric’s overall remediation service or by independent contractors and consultants. It can be used on a range of sites including:

  • Commercial and housing development sites
  • Manufacturing sites
  • Chemical works
  • Other brownfield and spillage sites

telluric bullet  Who can benefit from the use of DCL Biosolv?

  • Remediation contractors
  • Engineering and environmental consultants
  • Property developers in both commercial and residential properties
  • Civil engineering and building contractors
  • Land asset managers
  • Local authorities and government departments
  • Manufacturing and petroleum companies
  • Loss adjustors and insurance companies

telluric bullet  In what situations can DCL Biosolv be applied?

DCL Biosolv can be used in a number of different applications, for example:

  • Source area dissolved phase and sorbed contaminants.
  • Permeable reactive barrier arrangement to control plume migration by intercepting and degrading mobile dissolved phase contamination.
  • Concentrated free phase contamination, i.e., DNAPL.

telluric bullet  DCL Biosolv case studies

Derby Manufacturing site Portsmouth Utilities company Godalming Com Dev Telford Manufacturing site Fareham Chemical site

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