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DCL Biosolv contains unique ingredients

DCL Biosolv comprises a unique combination of organic substrates which provide long term ambient stability of the stored product and promotes rapid and efficient degradation of targeted contaminants when injected into the ground.  The long term activity of DCL Biosolv is provided by emulsified vegetable oil. This technology is a cost effective and well established approach for enhancing in situ anaerobic biodegradation of numerous contaminants in groundwater.  Other key ingredients include:

  • Hexose – fast acting substrate
  • Acetate – fast / medium acting substrate
  • Protein stabilisers – promotes a stable emulsion and provides key nutrients
  • Nutrients – including all the major nutrients, trace elements and vitamins
  • Polysaccharide stabiliser – provides additional emulsion stability
  • Buffer compound – added to activate the product and to resist pH change

telluric bullet  Summary mode of action

The mode of action of vegetable oil based substrates and the mechanisms of biodegradation are well-established; the mechanism involves a process known as reductive dechlorination which results in a sequential loss of chlorine atoms. The chlorine atoms are replaced with hydrogen which is derived from the added remediation product as a result of microbial action. Essentially, the mode of action is as follows:

  • Reductive dechlorination is the predominant mechanism
  • Chlorine atom is removed and replaced with hydrogen
  • Fermentation causes added substrate to act as a source of hydrogen
  • Requires the presence of bacteria including methanogens, sulphate reducing bacteria and dechlorinating bacteria

telluric bullet  DCL Biosolv has a unique formulation with many advantages

  • Rapid microbial acclimation period and start of remediation process
  • Process maintained for a long period
  • Single injection may last several years
  • Low site disruption (single injection)
  • Very cost effective

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