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How do you clean up contaminated land?

This is a question we have been asked many times over the years! As one of the most experienced and long established contaminated land remediation contractors in the UK we offer a range of site specific solutions. We will provide a remediation plan based on the end use of your site, your timescale and budget.

Why remediate contaminated land?

The aim of soil and groundwater remediation is to reduce contaminant concentrations to levels that are considered ‘suitable for use’ so that environmental risks are minimised. The standard that land is cleaned up to depends on the end use of the site so that target contaminant levels would usually be expected to be lower on a housing development than on a commercial one.

Remediation of contaminated soils may be a condition for a planning consent and the required target concentrations of contaminants are often derived by site specific risk assessment taking into account human health as well as environmental risk.

telluric bullet  Contaminated land remediation specialists

Telluric Land Remediation has been carrying out contaminated soil and groundwater remediation for over 25 years and we manage land remediation projects from initial consultation to installation, operation, maintenance, sampling, monitoring and final validation.

If you are new to contaminated land remediation we always suggest having a look at our case studies page where it is very likely you will find a site with similar contamination issues as yours.

telluric bullet  Remediation options appraisal

An options appraisal is a good place to start and will answer a range of questions in a stepwise manner to:

  • Identify feasible remediation options depending on contaminant types and their distribution in soil and groundwater.
  • Evaluate selected options depending on site conditions, environmental setting and end use of the site whether domestic housing or commercial.
  • Provide an estimate of timescales and costs.

We will provide you with a no obligation FREE solutions appraisal for your site together with clear, practical and confidential help and advice - please call us on 029 2045 3311 or fill in our Enquiry Form.

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Visit our Testimonials page to see what our Clients have to say about us.  

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