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Chemical treatment of contaminated soil and groundwater

Chemical treatment of contaminated soil and groundwater is usually aimed at either destroying contaminants or converting them to less environmentally damaging forms. In-situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) involves injection of chemical oxidants into the ground and has the potential to effectively treat a wide range of organic contaminants.  ISCO treatment tends to be more rapid than some other forms of treatment, such as in-situ bioremediation.

Chemical treatment is sometimes used for the treatment of pumped groundwater or landfill leachate.  Typically, these treatments are aimed at removing or immobilising contaminants, or changing the physico-chemical condition of the water.

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Some of our previous chemical treatment projects had the following objectives:

  • Chemical oxidation of organic contamination in soil, groundwater and landfill leachate.
  • Neutralisation of acid or alkaline effluents.
  • Removal of metallic species from wastewater by pH adjustment and settlement / flocculation.
  • Flocculation of suspended solids.

Telluric Land Remediation has many years of experience in the use of chemical treatments for soil, groundwater and leachate. We will make a full assessment of your contamination problems and, where appropriate, design and implement a chemical treatment strategy fully optimised for your site.

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