Other Options iconWhat is monitored natural attenuation?

Monitored Natural Attenuation (MNA) is the process of demonstrating that natural processes are occurring at a rate that protects the environment and achieves remedial objectives within a reasonable timescale. In certain situations MNA is becoming increasingly accepted as a viable and cost effective option for the management of risks associated with contaminated groundwater. It may form part of an overall remediation strategy involving active remediation measures such as source removal or containment.

Telluric Land Remediation has the expertise to help you with MNA – to demonstrate natural attenuation is occurring and that you will achieve your remedial targets. We are able to demonstrate loss of contaminant mass in the field and monitor geochemical and biochemical indicators to establish that the contaminant concentration is reducing due to natural attenuation and provide microbiological data to support the occurrence of biodegradation.

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