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What is groundwater pump & treat?

Groundwater pump and treat involves pumping of groundwater, usually from dedicated abstraction boreholes, excavations or trenches. It is then treated above ground before disposal to sewer or back to the ground. Treated water may also be re-used on site, for example for dust suppression.

telluric bullet Why install a groundwater pump & treat system?

Telluric Land Remediation installs groundwater pump & treat systems for a variety of reasons, for example:

  • Removal of gross contamination from a plume source.
  • Control the movement or direction of flow of a plume of groundwater contamination (hydraulic containment).
  • Lower the groundwater level on a contaminated site to allow excavations to proceed.
  • Reduce the groundwater level when used in in combination with soil vapour extraction (SVE) in order to lower the water table, thereby exposing more unsaturated zone for vacuum enhanced removal of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Abstracted groundwater typically contains various types of contamination including suspended solids, free phase contaminants such as oil, and dissolved phase contaminants. Pumped groundwater usually enters a settlement tank or silt trap before passing through an oil-water separator and then an activated carbon adsorption vessel to remove dissolved hydrocarbon contamination.

telluric bullet Groundwater pump & treat equipment

There is no defined set of equipment as each site has different requirements, ground conditions, contaminants and timescales. However, common items of equipment that we use for groundwater pump & treat include:

  • Abstraction pumps – either electric or pneumatic.
  • Settlement / baffle tanks.
  • Filtration units for fine suspended solids.
  • Oil-water separators.
  • Stripper units for volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • Activated carbon adsorption vessels.
  • Control systems to automate the pumping and treatment processes.

telluric bullet Groundwater pump & treat case studies

  1. Soil Bioremediation and Groundwater Treatment
  2. Landfill Leachate Control & Treatment
  3. Groundwater Control & Treatment
  4. Gasworks Clean Up Using Bioremediation
  5. Contaminated Land Remediation on a Housing Development Site


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